Quickly and easily create folder and file lists


With Folder2List you can quickly and easily create folder and file lists. Select the data to be displayed from numerous properties and format the data with various setting options. Folder2List supports metadata such as EXIF, IPTC, ID3, video attributes or Office document properties. This allows you to clearly list, for instance, information regarding your MP3 files or photos.

The program offers a variety of options to individually adapt the appearance of the lists. With a few simple clicks you can customize font, background color, frames, etc. You can save these settings as a profile. The generated folder or file lists can be printed and exported to many different formats (XLS, Excel-XML, PDF, HTML, CSV and TXT).

With Folder2List you can:

  • print simple file lists (e.g., output file names only)
  • create file lists that contain different file properties (e.g., create MP3 lists)
  • print folder lists to display the number of files and total size
  • create detailed folder lists to visualize certain folder properties
  • export folder or file lists - a variety of different file formats is supported

Key features

Use numerous properties of folders and files

When generating the data lists you can use properties like size, date of creation, file extensions. In addition, a lot of the metadata contained in files can be used. This feature enables you to create, for example, MP3 lists that contain artist, album, and genre.

File list columns
  • General data (name, path, file type, creation date, modification date, file size).
  • Exif data (taken date, camera manufacturer, camera model, photographer, description, commentary, image width/height, horizontal/vertical resolution, flash use).
  • Image data (width/height, horizontal/vertical resolution, bit depth).
  • IPTC data (country, country code, state, city, location, title, photographer, description, provider, source).
  • Audio data (artist, album, title, year, comment, track, genre, bit rate, duration).
  • Video data (width, height, frame rate, standard, aspect ratio, audio codec, video codec, overall bitrate, video bitrate, audio bitrate, audio compression, duration, title).
  • Document data (authors, title, subject, comments, tags, last saved by, revision number, template, content created, date last saved, last printed, program name, pages, words, characters) - supports XPS files, Word files, Excel files, PowerPoint files, OpenDocument files (e.g., Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or LibreOffice).

Export or print folder contents

With Folder2List you can easily print folder contents. Or you can save the directory contents as a text file, CSV file, etc. to further process the extracted information. For export, there are many formats available.

Select output type
  • Output directory contents as text (save as TXT, CSV or HTML file)
  • Export file list to Excel (save as XLS, Excel-XML or CSV file)
  • Save file lists as PDF file
  • Print directory and file lists
  • Copy textual directory and file lists to clipboard

Real-time preview for folder lists or file lists

Preview file list

Due to the real-time preview the effects of all settings (such as changes of the column width, font color, and frame color) are visible immediately.

Export file list

Export to many different formats

With a few clicks, create and export detailed lists in formats such as xls, pdf, html, txt etc.
Use metadata

Use metadata

Enables you to output numerous file information such as ID3 tag, photo shooting date, EXIF data, etc.
Sort and filter

Extensive filtering and sorting options

Folders and files can be filtered and sorted separately by many different criteria

Sort and filter files

Filter files

The extensive filter and sort functions can be applied to many properties (such as file extensions, image size, and date of creation). By using filters you can include or exclude files and/or folders.

Some Awards and Reviews

Winload Award

Winload: With Folder2List, the folder structure on your computer can be presented in a very convenient way as a table or list, and if desired even saved or printed.

FindMySoft: Specify how to create folder content lists, then print them out or export them. You can do this with the greatest of ease by using Folder2List.

Software Informer Award

Software Informer: Folder2List is an extremely useful utility to create lists of your folders, subfolders, together with all the files contained in ...

Shareware Award

Shareware: Folder2List creates and prints detailed tables of contents of hard drive folders and external drives. The Shareware not only adjusts the information content, but also the design of the lists...

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